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Walking to Wheeling

                If you can't Stand Up, Stand Out!

Surname; Rodgers & Lawson (Maternal) and Taulbee & Combs (Paternal)

I have been looking up my family history for some time now. I have recently done the "23 and Me" DNA test. I have a really good feeling about where our surname comes from; Irish, Greek, German, Welsh, and Native American. We are mutts and that is fine with me. I do believe that we have more Irish than anything. Kentucky has a large amount of Irish Immigrants, so much so that our towns share the same names as in Ireland. Kentucky also hosts the National Highland Games.

Physical characteristics may also show the Irish in our family.... or with me; very pale skin, green eyes, red/blonde hair, and tall. Those are all very common for the Irish population. Now, my Mom has; olive skin, brown eyes and hair, and average height. My Dad; light skin, blue eyes, red/blonde hair, and tall. My Maternal Grandmother Marilyn Kay also had; olive skin, brown eyes and hair, and short in stature. My Maternal Grandfather Gene is where I think the Irish comes from, because his mother was Irish and his father had an Irish heritage. There is a King in Ireland, King Rodgers of Tory. Rodgers as a surname doesn't typically get spelled with a "D" that is just an Irish sect of people. My grandfather use to tell me stories about the Rodgers and Rogers. I was told that there was a family dispute and the rich Rogers didn't want to be part of our family so they dropped the "D". To add to this my Great Grandmother Daisy (My Grandmothers Mother or my Maternal Great Great Grandmother) was half Native American her mother was Full Cherokee. So if that genetic structure was passed down Maternally to me because it was Female generation 1 maternal (Great Great Grandmother), generation 2 maternal (Great Grandmother Daisy), generation 3 maternal (Grandmother Marilyn Kay), generation 4 (mom), and the generation 5 me. That would make me 1/16 Cherokee, not very much but still there. My peturnal side I don't know much about I listed my dad Marty above. His Mother has Northern European Characteristics as well. My Paternal Grandmother Liz; light skin, blue eyes, light hair color, and tall. My dad's family tends to all have a light completion, blue eyes, and be relativity tall. 

Other Related Surnames; Sweeny, my Maternal Great Grandmother who married Hershel Rodgers.

 My Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)

Your Double Helix is what makes you. DNA directs everything that occurs in your body, half of your DNA comes from your mother and the other half from your father. These genetic traits tells what you will look like, if you have mutations for illnesses, and what you might have occur in the future. It also can tell your passed; tracing back where your family originated, if you are connected to others you may or may not know, it can also tell you how much pure blood Neanderthal you are. I am sharing my DNA because I really do love having the ability to know my heritage. 

The Ancestry Break Down









Native American


West African


100% Me


Your blood lines can reach back 100,000 years or more. My blood line is H5 and as you will see below what that means for me and my family.

% Information










Neanderthal considered modern human as we went from caveman to complex social behaviors. This is the beginning of what we are as humans. Creationists believe this is the closest to god as we were made in his image while others believe that Neanderthals are the evolutionary path from Ape to Man. Christians believe god mad Adam and Eve.


According to the Christian/Catholic church, royal bloodlines were selected by god. These bloodlines were contained by royals only marrying royals. Our family has 4 ties to Royal lines. Including; King Rodgers of Ireland, King Copernicus of Poland, Queen Antoinette of France, and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh married to Queen Elizabeth the II.


Norse Seafarers, early medieval times called the Viking Era the term frequently applied casually to their modern descendants and the inhabitants of modern Scandinavia. Some believe that Vikings were violent and aggressive, making a militant group that invaded and took what they wanted. They worshiped a god known as Thor. 


This group is very controversial, the church believes in only one true god but history dictates that there were more than one god. Yet even the New King James Bible expresses there was once more than one god. The ancient Akkadians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Mesopotamian, and Sumerians worshiped the Anunnaki as gods and goddesses.