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Walking to Wheeling

                If you can't Stand Up, Stand Out!

The Basics:

You know... the who, what, where, when, and why

Mainly just the normal stuff!

A Glimmer in my Mother's Eyes

I came into the world a little early, nearly inside of the Mall. They were ready to get me out and into the world. Hitting the railroad tracks hard then on for a walk. Well... they made in the mall when my mom's water broke. From there, I was my mom's little spider monkey; covered in hair and spindly. 

High School:

I was more interested in boys than getting an education.

4 Different Proms, 4 different schools, and 4 different guy!

And of course they had to be the bad boys, what else is there?

(Look at the hair, my natural color...Strawberry or Orange...)

The First Hooters in Germany!

No, I didn't work there although I have to say I totally could have.

Those were the days. I was a total VIXEN!

So funny the first one was sat up in a town that translated to

"9 Churches" 

Everyone was Crying

I really like being in college! I have a Masters in Justice and Public Safety, a Masters in Dispute Resolution, and

I am currently in school for Aerospace Engineering.

Award the Presidents Cup, Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society, and Deans List.

Brain Surgery

My first brain tumor removed. I had only know Jerry since November 2005 but as you can see in this picture in August 2006 we were already loved each other very much. He was there everyday with a new stuffed animal in hand.

Jefferson County Sheriffs Office

Deputy Chesser

This is an awesome time in my life! I was on the Honor Guard, on the Rapid Response Team, and Special Events. 

First Off NO, I was not really Pregnant! 

These guys didn't know it... when my fake water broke on his boots he yelled

"Who the hell let a pregnant lady come out here anyways"

I had to tell him it was part of the mission so he got the medic and I would have really let her deliver a real baby. You know the hand rails on the side of the HUMVEE she used them as stirrups and we had a perfect little doll slimy and all.  

The Joy of Seizures

My whole head was covered in electrodes the finished product looked like Coolio and Avatar had a love child. I hate seizures, like really! Complications after brain tumor surgery and a new tumor growth lead to this madness. If it looks painful it was and the hot glue stuff took days on day to get out and 2 bottles of fingernail polish remover in my hair! 

I was more than a little Cold

It's still hard to say that was the day... coming from the cold operating room. I didn't know yet. But I would soon enough. The complications, the shady doctor, and residents that seemed to be lost. T4, T5, and T10 damaged.

Learning how to maneuver a Wheelchair

with Physical Therapy

This was my first time out of the hospital in months. I did PT all day and learned about spinal cord injures in the evening. Frazier is a wonderful hospital part of the Christopher Diana Reeves Group. (Superman)

"My Little Wheel"

I got inspired by the children that were in the spinal cord hospital. I thought wheels are everywhere and it doesn't bother them at all. So I wrote a children's book showing that it is not abnormal you use wheels for transportation, everyone travels by wheel everyday. This shows wheelchairs being the same as any transportation; skate boards, bikes, and ect. 

Block Out; Brain and Spinal cord Injuries 

Parade day and we were already loading people up, our little float had more wheelchairs than it could hold. Good thing we went slow. This program helps children to get basic physical therapy equipment for children with a brain or spinal cord injury. Everyone got blocks to help with motor skills, stabilizing the core muscles to build, learning colors, and shapes. 

Runner Up

Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky 2015, Runner-up! It was great the Honor Guard came out and presented the colors for everyone. It was wonderful and I had missed those guys so much! 

Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky 2016 

What an eventful year! I did events all over the state. Public Speaking at schools, at state events, with the derby, and even at commencements. I did parades, disability events, and meeting with the Governor. I even competed at the National Pageant, Ms. Wheelchair America.  

Essential Thrombocythemia  

A type of blood cancer in the leukemia family. I make to many platelets and white cell, very few red cells, and the red cells are deformed so iron doesn't adhere to the cells. So the fight was on and still is. Monday treatments, 6-7 hours of infusion! 

Gliomas Brain Tumor Number 2 

This tumor sits on my frontal lobe, near where the first one was. There is a lot of scare tissue from the first surgery, this is putting pressure on my optical nerves causing significant vision loss. 

Aerospace Engineering & Space Sciences  

When I was in 6th grade I got to go Space Camp! Changed my life, from then on. I just knew I wanted to be a Rocket Scientist. When I finally decided that I was going to college, I didn't think I cwas smart enough. But policing was a treasured line of work in my family so I went that direction. I have grown to have faith in myself and I have returned to college working for that 6th grade dream. (Flight Simulator)