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Walking to Wheeling

                If you can't Stand Up, Stand Out!

These are my babies,

my furbabies! 

Rocky "Rock Star" Wheatley

Austrian Shepard - October 31, 2003

Gwendolyn "Gwennie" Wheatley

Rhodesian Mastiff - Dec 28, 2016

Tiger "Pretty Boy" Wheatley

(A Cats Tall Tell) - Year we got him 2008

Fear "the Ball Python" Wheatley

(There is a story here too) Year we got him 2008

The Brat Pack

The animals in this house are spoiled, but they take care of us as well as we care for them. There is nothing more relaxing than having a cuddle with the babies. 

In Loving Memory of Sunbear, who crossed the rainbow bridge in March 2016 at the age of 16.

I can't explain how much I loved Raven Sunbear Wheatley, he was by baby. He was a beautiful Australian Shepard. The last picture of him was taken by the Hardin County Newspaper where he appeared on the front page. He was so smart and worked so hard. When I would have a seizure he would protect my head from; floors, walls, and furniture. When I was Post Ictal he would lay across my body to keeping me from standing to quickly. And comforted me by licking on my hands and getting me to pet him by nudging me. He also helped pull me in my wheelchair. When we would go on walks and I would tell him go, off we went in a dead run we both loved that. He peed on my wheelchair once we were outside and stopped to talk with a neighbor, he was ready to pee and so he marked my chair. We did everything together. He loved to play in the creek, run in the park, and snack on table foods. His favorite foods; ice cream, peanut butter, and anything involving red meat. I took the loss very hard, I couldn't eat for 4 days and when I was finally able to there were left overs on my plate that made me bust into tears in the restaurant. I said "What do I do with my left overs?" which still makes me what to cry just thinking about it. There will never be a replacement or an end to the love I had for him.

The Brat Pack:

Rocky "Rock Star" Wheatley

Rocky an Australian Shepard born on Halloween (October 31, 2003) He is now retired but use to attend work with the military from the time he was 6 weeks old until June 2016. 13 years of the 14 years he has been alive. He is enjoying retired life where he spends his days; eating treats, sleeping all day, and getting belly rubs. Rocky has one hate in his life and that is Turkey Vultures. He spots them up and the air and goes nuts barking at them, and not at any other bird. We think that he can smell the dead animal they have eaten and he can't understand why something dead is moving. We lovingly call he the "Zombie Detector" because his confusion over turkey vultures. Rocky is also my obedient than any other dog you would imagine. He was unharmed when he jumped out the second floor window at a military training location because they called for him to return. This was the first time he ever did anything like that. He was medically treated like a service animal, rushed to the Vet in the middle of the night. They checked everything but no broken bones, no internal damage, and he wasn't even limping. One tough dog! 

Gwendolyn "Gwennie" Wheatley

Gwen is a Rhodesian Mastiff, and just had her 1st Birthday! If she gets in bed with me there is no room for me. She takes up more than half of the King size bed. She is a big girl 85 lbs of all muscle. In May 2016 she started he military commitment. She attends work every day and loves every minute of it because she fears nothing. Her favorite things to do are: run, play in water, and likes bones (even though they don't last long). She is very expressive with her eyes you can nearly tell everything she is thinking. And she can be rather smelly... she has perpetual gas! We have tried everything probiotics, bland diet, and even medication from the vet. She just is stinky like that. The vet gave us some perfume for dogs it doesn't do much. She is a good dog even when she gets in the garbage, chews up a pillow, or drools all over the place. I have to have napkins because her jaws stay wet with drool and sometimes food falls right out the side of her mouth without her even realizing it. She was on sale when we got her so we lovingly call her the "Discount Dog". 

Tiger "Pretty Boy" Wheatley

He knows I am talking about him... so he is laying on the table "meowing" at me. We got Tiger in 2008 but he was already fully grown so we are thinking he was about 3 when he come to live with us. This would make him close to 12 years old. Indoor cats live to be 15-20 years old but he is still in good shape and even takes time to play everyday even when I don't get out the catnip. He answers to pretty boy so he knows he's pretty. He likes to eat: sour cream, chicken, and tuna. There is a long story about Tiger and how he came to live with us. Jerry came in the house in 2008 and said "I found this cat under a fireball car, he's going to end up hurt he can't survive on post outdoors" I said ok and so we kept him and he has always been very loving and happy. Well in 2014 we were moving and a friend of Jerry's was taking a break and sitting with me when she said "I'm so glad that you all have kept Tiger, he was special to us but my grand daughter is allergic to cat." I said "How long did you have him, she said he was born at my house until he went to yours." So this means that Tiger was born on Preston St. and now I live on Preston St. but Tiger never lived out on the training range like I was told by Jerry. When I asked him he said "I was worried you would say we can't keep him and I thought you would ever find out." Well we are stuck with him now since we have had him so long. But the truth is I would have kept him no matter what. And he's made back to where he was born.

Fear the Ball Python

We got Fear in 2008 as well, he was acquired because he had been abused. He had circular marks down his belly like he had been burned. When Jerry came in the door carrying a snake I had a plate in my hand.... I launched it out of fear. And that's how he got the name Fear. We placed a mouse in his tank and he never would eat it, in fact the mouse started trying to eat the snake. We realized he had failure to thrive and we had to help. So we got pinkies and had to force feed him, pushing it down to keep him alive. After a year of this he started coming around eating on his own. He now eats full grown rats. I have to say it hurts my heart when he has to eat something that is alive ... the noise really bothers me. But its the circle of life. He likes to lay on his heat rock, watch TV, and sleeping.