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Walking to Wheeling

                If you can't Stand Up, Stand Out!

The Family Tree.... and more!

Family Tree

There is a lot of us, so I cut it down .... well I tried to cut it down

Great Grand Parents

Great Grampa Herschell


Great Granny Clara Sweeny

They had several children (Rose, Sue, Betty, Patsy, Ethel, and Joyce). Those children and their children still take time to get together. We are a very close family.

Maternal Grandpa Gene's Family 

Great Grand Parents

Great Grandfather Simon Dee Lawson


Great Granny Daisy "G Granny" Porter

They had several children that we are close to as well.

(Jerri, Shirley, Olivet, Henry, Elmer)

Granny Marilyn "Kay"  

Grand Parents

Papaw Gene


Granny Kay

They had 3 Children: Brenda (mom), Revia (Aunt), and Betty (Aunt)

My Mom Brenda 

Brenda (mom)

My mom is awesome. We but heads but that is because we are so much alike. She married my Step Dad Donald Webb when I was 5 years old.

Biological Dad Marty Taulbee

Granny Liz is his mother. He had several sisters and a brother. 

Step Dad Donald Webb

My dad was very talented, he was an artist. Several pictures have been in Banks and Museums. There was a book written on him called "Appalachian Art"

He did 2 large painting when I was in school. In Middle School, he did a mural with help from my class that took up a long wall. Then In High School he did a backdrop for a play I was in. After the play the backdrop was sold and paid for the Drama Dept. for 3 years. 

Aunt Revia 

Revia is my mothers middle sister. Her children are William Rodgers and Jessica Powell. Her grandchildren are; Adrian, Christian, Kyler, Makayla, and Isiah. She use to sing all the time. 

Cousin William

Revia's son William is married to Amanda Jo, they have a son together Kyle. Kyle was born with Downs Syndrome but you can't tell because nothing holds him back at all. William can build or fix anything... it's impressive. 

Amanda Jo

Originally from West Virginal, but now living with our family here in Kentucky. She is a house wife to care for Kyler.


Is an awesome kid, he loves everyone and all animals. He was at a petting zoo and was told it was time to go home. He kissed all of the goats goodbye. He Rocks his extra chromosome. 

Cousin Jessica

Jessica is Revia's daughter. Jessica has 4 children; Adrian, Christian, Makayla, and Isiah. She works for a medical practice and is a godly woman. She is a publish poet and her work is so good it will make you emotional.


Adrian is 10 years old and about to start Middle School. He likes football video games and playing football. He doesn't like his picture being took. 


Christian is the practical joker and dancer in the family. He wants to be a deputy (police officer) when he grows up. He will be 6 soon! 


Makayla is 5 years old, she loves make up and doing hair. I think she is going to grow up to be a doctor or nurse because if anyone is hurt or sick she does everything she can to help. 

Isiah "Red"

The day he was born we all saw that red hair and when crazy. The Irish is strong in him. You have to watch out because he is to smart and only 2 years old. Anything you say he will learn and recall it at any point. And speaks so well for his age. 

Aunt Betty

The youngest sister in the trio. She is married to Greg and they have 2 sons; Tyler and Travis. They live in Florida. 


Served in the Army for term as a Dental Assistant. He can be found fishing or working. Betty keeps a close eye on him and his brother. 


Travis is very smart and can do a lot with computers. He also enjoys fishing with his family. 

Maternal; Rodgers 

Great Great Great Grandparents

William Septimus Rodgers

Dec 10, 1853 - April 21, 1934

Married; Laura Morgan

Maternal; Lawson

1st Lawson in America

William "The Rebel" Lawson

June 26, 1731 - April 18, 1862

Married; Rebecca Travis

The Scottish Rebel

Known for his fighting spirt William "The Rebel" Lawson was born in Montrose, Angus, Scotland. At 15 years old William fought against British Invasion. He was arrested and held until 1774 he was sold for "5 pounds" (about $10) from the British to the American Colonies, farming and building plantations. But in 1775 after a year of enslavement escaping into the Kentucky wilderness. In 1760 he, met and married Rebecca Travis they had 8 children. (William II, Travis, Sarah, Robert, Betsy, Jeramiah, Rhoda, Catherine). In Sep 13, 1777 William swear his Allegiance to America, United States. Oct 7, 1780 the time came again that he would fight the British during the Revolutionary War. He passed on April 18, 1826 and his wife Rebecca passed the following year. 

Great Great Grandparents

Very Birdie Eagle Ira Rodgers

Dec. 28 1886 - Jan. 18 1960

Married; Adell Eliza Lancaster

Family can also be selected... these are the people that affect your life in the most positive way and that you can't do without.  


Me; my husband... the kids "Uncle Jerry"

Jerry and I have been together since March 2005. He is so amazing, I introduce him as my guardian angel. He came into my life when I needed someone to be strong for me. My ex-husband was causing a lot of problems and Jerry was there to make me feel safe. About 5 months after meeting Jerry, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to have surgery. He was there for me everyday. He still takes care of me and my medical stuff. I would be lose without him. 


Lil' Bit

Chloe is just now turning 18 years old! She has Osteogenesis Imperfecta some people call it brittle bone. She was born with 7 broken bones and had to be carried everywhere on a pillow. I met her through the "Block Out Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries" She has a metal plate in the back of her head that attaches to her spine to keep her head from breaking her spine down. She's one tough young lady. 

Lisa and Family

Has a Husband and 2 sons. 

Lisa is an awesome mom of 2 sons; Anthony and Kyle. Anthony is in High school. Kyle 18 years old and wanting to have a career in the military. They lived in the same apartments we did and it was instant friends and now family.