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Walking to Wheeling

                If you can't Stand Up, Stand Out!


  1.  Finish my 3rd Masters Degree in Aerospace Sciences
  2. Finish a papers I have writing on for way to long....
  3. Finish this website; always updating
  4. Work on my ability to paint.
  5. Work on myself; mentally and physically 


  1.  Weigh the same I did before the wheelchair.... At best I weighed 160lbs.... I would like to be there again.
  2. Get a PhD in Aerospace Sciences
  3. Get published in Peer Reviewed Journals
  4. Work for Boeing
  5. Find the WOW signal again... hasn't been heard in a long time.
  6. Work with the Large Hadron Collider
  7. Prove that Carbon can move faster than the Speed of Light (my Theory).... Making me The Mother of Light Speed
  8. Work for an Observatory.... Maybe in Hawaii
  9. Go camping across; Arizona, Utah, and Nevada
  10. Design State of the Art Weapon Systems  

Lottery Dreams

  1.  Build a Zoo and Husbandry Center call it "Ellie May's Animal Preservation"
  2. Build a School that is K-12, Hands on Learning, and Personal/Group Teaching. Call it; L^3 (Live, Learn, and Laugh)
  3. Build a Total Healing Center with everything that would help with; Health, Love, Care, Entertainment, and Learning
  4. Build a Castle and Renaissance Festival open year around host; holidays, events, and weddings.
  5. Build a Family Community; Homes for Family and Friends, a Free Place to Eat, a Peace Center, and have Events
  6. Build my own; Radio Telescope and Observatory
  7. Build a MOUT training facility and other Military Facilities as needed.
  8. Buy a ticket to space... yup for about 20 Million you can fly to the Space Station with only way to space
  9. Take care of Veterans with a complete living program; housing, career, healthcare, and community activities.
  10. Have my own; make-up, perfume, body care, and clothing line.