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Walking to Wheeling

                If you can't Stand Up, Stand Out!

Empowering Women of Achievement

Through Leadership, Advocacy & Education

Be Coming a Part of Women in Leadership,

starts with an Application for the Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky Pageant;


Can be obtained from Beth Bryant or Sherry Hixenbaugh.

Below I am posting a link to their Facebook page for points of contact

(applications and info)

It also can be found at:

You can also contact:

We will be crowning Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky on January 20, 2018. If you have any interest please reach out to me or the contacts below. Hope to see you there!



Qualifications for Contestants;  

Must be a woman.

Must use a wheelchair for 100% of her daily community mobility.

Must be a United States citizen.

Must be at least 21 years of age.

Cannot have held a state title for the Ms. Wheelchair America, Inc. program in any state.

Cannot have competed at a Ms. Wheelchair America National pageant previously.

Must be a resident of Kentucky for a minimum of six (6) months prior to the state pageant.

Must be available to fulfill the requirements of the Kentucky titleholder.

These include travel within Kentucky, travel to the nation pageant,

and numerous public appearances.

My Experience with the Ms. Wheelchair Competitions 

I had a BLAST....

The competition is exciting and allows you to meet with women who are advocates for disabilities. There are 54 million people living with a disability in the United States, this make us the largest minority. If we can all work together then we would be unstoppable and the pageant allows for that opportunity. I got involved with; Schools, Children's Hospitals, Parades, Graduations, Derby, and many more events. I think my favorite has to be the time I got to spend with disabled children and tossing the opening pitch at a Louisville Bats game. Although my ball didn't make it to the home plate the team signed my ball. I should have practiced. Being on the radio was a ton of fun, I think I could do that for a living it was so much fun... Thanks to WMMG Brandenburg. 

Questions (the funny, the strange, and the best)

A little boy with a lime green shirt, jumped up with his hand raised. He asked "How do you put on your pajamas if you can't stand up?'" Trying to remain serious so that he didn't get embarrassed I said "I get dressed laying down, I roll back and forth until I get my pants on" I was immediately met with "That sounds complicated!" I invited the student to try putting there pajamas laying down. So just imagine as the kids are getting in their pajamas that night laying on their bed wiggling around, was total confusion for their parents. And likely said "The lady in the Wheelchair told me too".

I was taking to long on answering another question, and a small girl in the back was wanting to grab my attention. She saw that me mother was with me at the event she told her friend "I'm going to tell her mother on her that she isn't paying attention to the back row" my mom had to snicker as she heard that. My mom told me after event "These 2 girls in the back were really wanting you to talk to them more."

"Did they use Bone Paste on you?" I'm sure I gave that 4th grader a strange look because I was in shock that he even knew what bone paste is.... I told him "yes they did! And that was a great question" trying to not scare a 4th grade class. I girl screamed out "What's bone paste?" I said "It is glue made from bone" not even a second later "How do they do that?" I wanted to keep it honest but not freak anyone out so I came up with "Bone paste, is bones ground up and mixed with glue they put it in your back during surgery to help make the back bone stronger and allows for the injured bones to heal faster." I was glad it was over cause I thought "How do you explain where the ground up bones come from to 4th graders." Just incase anyone wants to know the bones come organ and tissue donators.

I was so confused for a moment when I was asked "Do you like to kill zombies?" I said "that sounds kind of fun, is that a game you like?" He said "Yeah, I have that video game in my room" and he insisted that I go play it with him so I made a pass by his room at the hospital before I left and played a Zombie hunting game. I didn't help very much in his game I continued to die and I didn't get to come back as a Zombie.

Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky


Women of

Ms. Wheelchair Kentucky 

Ms. Wheelchair America